If you’re working full time it can be difficult to take extended holidays and often weekends are the only viable time for travel. Similarly, if you have a limited budget, weekends may be all you can afford. In both cases, it is essential that you make the most of your precious time off and see as much as you can with it.

I’ve been in both of these positions and wanted to share how I’ve managed to pack a lot of travel into limited time – namely my weekends and 1-week holidays. Hopefully this inspires you to make the most of your time off, see the world and experience new cultures too.

Disclaimer: For six months of my working life while living abroad in the US, I was in a position where I could work remotely on Fridays, which opened up my travel possibilities immensely. If you aren’t able to do this, consider travelling on a long weekend, or negotiating with your boss to get one remote day off too!